If you would like me to visit your organisation or group to run a stitching workshop, or give an illustrated talk I am very happy to do so. I can bring a pop-up shop to your knit night or afternoon tea party if you are meeting with a group of stitching friends too.               
Embroiderers, Quilters, Felters, Weavers, Spinners and Dyers all love a textile extravaganza; I bring many samples so my talks are tactile. In early 2020 I was back in India - there are treasures to show off...
I am happy to offer online talks and workshops via Zoom too. As 2021 rolls on I plan to run some sign-up workshops for anyone to access individually. Please email or phone me (or use the contact form at FIND ME HERE) for more details or to enquire about a bespoke one for your group. Or sign up to the newsletters!