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Exploring Berwick

Ok, I am biased. I don't live far from this most northerly English town (although in another country) and have always had a soft spot for it. As with so many places, its once thriving main street (Marygate) is a sad shadow of its former self but there are many gems to be found.

First a smidgen of history -

Berwick Barracks

It was once Scotland's wealthiest royal burgh, then between 1296 and 1982 it changed hands between the kingdoms of Scotland and England no fewer than thirteen times. Its medieval walls were bolstered by the Tudors and again in the 1560s. The cost of the construction was the biggest single expense in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. It continued to be an important military town; from 1721 infantrymen were housed in the first purpose built barracks in England.


And today you can...

Time and Tide and Tapestry

In April we travelled to Orkney for a week of wild weather and wide horizons. Catching up with old friends was fun, and for me seeing what I recognised after three decades away was always going to be interesting.

One of the places I had long wanted to visit is Hoxa Tapestry Gallery. It is here that mother and daughter, Leila and Jo Thomson, weave and display their pieces for sale. Their work is inspired by the rhythm of life and landscape of Orkney.

Banana Bread - because it makes the world go round

I have been meaning to post this recipe here for a while as I am often asked about it. While I have only ever baked it with gluten-containing flours, I am sure GF whizzes can use their choice of flours and add more 'milk' and an egg to help bind ingredients. It is such an adaptable recipe that it might be worth an experiment or two.

You can download my recipe as a pdf by clicking the link below.

May Days

I walk through my little village almost daily, generally at the other end of the dog lead from Bruce. We head for quiet lanes and field margins. Our pace is dictated by his mood or mine. Occasionally he will forego smelling every blade of grass and stone wall voluntarily; other times require persuasion by one means or another.

In the Durham Dales

We’ve been on a lovely jaunt - a midway-between-birthdays treat.
New experiences all round. First stop on Saturday morning was to deliver Bruce to kennels. He packed a toy duck and his meals for a two-night stay.


New stitched samples awaiting their turn under the lights…

Maybe tomorrow😉
Tart holding forth at this afternoon’s workshop @atbirkhillhousecic ☺️

This is such a welcoming and relaxing venue and I am delighted to be headed back in July to run Kantha sessions.

 - - -🪡 - - -

Find out more about these and lots of inspiring workshops at
Stitchy Sunday - - - - -

🧵 Boro boxes back in stock
🪡 New Fat Quarter packs listed
💙 Off to run a Slow Stitchin’ Blues workshop this afternoon 🤗
In the shop very soon🤞🏻
🧵One boro-style workshop space has opened up for Sunday (26th) in the Borders😳🪡

Grab it by following the workshop link @atbirkhillhousecic 

Boro bits as far as the eye can see here today. Busily making more #boroboxes for all those who missed out recently. They will be in the shop on Saturday sometime..🏃🏻‍♀️💙
A rainbow of possibilities 🤗

Just collected this morning, these will be transformed into joyful little stitchery works at a workshop in the Borders this summer.
Wednesday windowsill

Roses and Shadows edition🌹
Shades of serenity, 
with a splash of joy


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