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Blissful Blues

I'm encouraging you to share the calm and beauty of natural indigo today, with a collection ranging from traditional boro to contemporary weave and block print.

If you are on IG do seek out some of these feeds for a blue fix (the first link for each maker will take you to their Instagram feed). And if that particular social medium is not for you, I have linked to websites where possible.

I've started with an amazing new rug by Sufiyan Khatri in Kutch, Gujarat. Contemporary and striking.

Circles of light and dark on an indigo ground.

indigo cloth with white dots fading to black

Close to home

You may know I have a soft spot for the church on the corner that I pass so frequently when out with Bruce. More specifically a fondness for the churchyard itself.

I strolled down the village main street this morning to the postbox and carried on to explore a little further

village postbox

Exploring Berwick

Ok, I am biased. I don't live far from this most northerly English town (although in another country) and have always had a soft spot for it. As with so many places, its once thriving main street (Marygate) is a sad shadow of its former self but there are many gems to be found.

First a smidgen of history -

Berwick Barracks

It was once Scotland's wealthiest royal burgh, then between 1296 and 1982 it changed hands between the kingdoms of Scotland and England no fewer than thirteen times. Its medieval walls were bolstered by the Tudors and again in the 1560s. The cost of the construction was the biggest single expense in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. It continued to be an important military town; from 1721 infantrymen were housed in the first purpose built barracks in England.


And today you can...

Time and Tide and Tapestry

In April we travelled to Orkney for a week of wild weather and wide horizons. Catching up with old friends was fun, and for me seeing what I recognised after three decades away was always going to be interesting.

One of the places I had long wanted to visit is Hoxa Tapestry Gallery. It is here that mother and daughter, Leila and Jo Thomson, weave and display their pieces for sale. Their work is inspired by the rhythm of life and landscape of Orkney.

Banana Bread - because it makes the world go round

I have been meaning to post this recipe here for a while as I am often asked about it. While I have only ever baked it with gluten-containing flours, I am sure GF whizzes can use their choice of flours and add more 'milk' and an egg to help bind ingredients. It is such an adaptable recipe that it might be worth an experiment or two.

You can download my recipe as a pdf by clicking the link below.


💙 indigo threads🧵

This might be a ‘winding tiny skeins’ afternoon while listening to something less gruesome than my last book 😳
I’m in multi tasking mode but none of it is  photogenic so here’s a lovely new euphorbia in the garden instead.
I received a big fat package from afar, packed full of hand spun handwoven indigo dyed ‘’stuff’. 

I will show you more in a couple of months!😉
Tuesday WIPS ll
Blues in the sunshine
Tuesday WIPs l
Much to do today 😳

Need a fix of calming blues? See my latest blog post for a worldwide collection of indigo heroes!

Blog is on my website ⬆️
Full of breakfast and in absolutely no hurry to go out for a walk…

#sundaymorningmotivation 🙄
Come and stitch up a (slow and gentle!) storm with us on the 25th. 

Have a wee day out in Berwick by train/bus/car/bike and join in an afternoon workshop. Boro style reds and blues or bright stitching into indigo fabrics? Choose on the day. 
Simple stitches - beginners welcome💙
Find the workshop details online⬆️


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