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I love to share stories and images of my travels in India, and my delight in block print and embroidery, indigo and Islamic geometric design. I've been fortunate to meet and observe talented artisans, some specialising in traditional skills and some who are applying a contemporary approach and seeking out new worldwide markets.

I aim to capture the mood of a place in my images and of course to acquire interesting samples along the way.

We all enjoy a textile extravaganza so contact me if your group would be interested in an illustrated talk online, or in person where the event can be genuinely tactile.


Berwick Beach Boy🐾🖤
Simple pleasures
Stitching one of my prints
Hearts and Bluebirds are continuing into Spring🤗 
A new batch is coming along nicely…
Ah, block prints, how do I love thee! 
Delicious delivery this morning which I shall admire for a while before cutting into…🤗
Sunday evening essentials:
and stitching
Also featuring multi-mended and dyed jeans
Only two thirds of a stripey sleeve left to knit.
Not so much a Wednesday windowsill as a bread bin but the kitchen is where the sun shines😊
Hellebores and snowdrops and pretty ceramic mini jugs by #coldinghampottery
Today’s visible output - two lush loaves. Nothing beats good (or even bad) home bakes🤗

Today’s invisible achievements were lots of phone calls and emails, fuelled by ☕️


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