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Cellophane bags are being phased out and replaced with biodegradable PLA bags or paper equivalents.

Bubble wrap and other protective wrappings are reused.

Adhesive packaging tape is mainly paper based.


Busy Monday - off to run a boro-style workshop this evening with lots and lots of participants 😳
🔵🟢Off on a mini (local) adventure today with a lovely pal. We’ll start with ☕️, obviously…
Just a few rows while I finish my coffee.
A little #conversingshawl by @ceceliacampochiaro
Early on Day Three - before the crowds
Interesting mix of people and some great new contacts made today. And the yarn supplies are shrinking 🤗
Had a grand first day at Harrogate @theknittingandstitchingshows and this is the only pic I took. The hand worked back of this lovely customer’s jacket! 

(To be fair, my phone was pretty busy being a card machine😊)
Set up and (almost) ready for Day One tomorrow.

With huge thanks to my star setter-upper who put up with my pernickety ways and took this pic.

Find us in the Textile Gallery, Hall M, together with lots of lovely artists and makers.
@theknittingandstitchingshows Harrogate
Almost finished packing for @theknittingandstitchingshows Harrogate but wee niggly things to sort yet. Nice to be this far long in the process though. 
Back to prep for @theknittingandstitchingshows in Harrogate next week.
Yarns of all sizes now packed! 
If you are coming to the show I will have some serious yarny bargains for you😉


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