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I'm pleased you have found your way here!

Inspired by colour and pattern and passionate about Indian artisans and textiles, I value most highly all things made by hand.

These forces combine in my dyed yarns and small edition stitching kits.

Making with your own hands brings pleasure, calms the heart rate and imbues each piece with love.

My colours may be subtle or bold but they seldom shout, and I delight in offering you inspiring materials to explore and create with.

I dye yarns with indigo, queen of blues. It produces fabulously varied shades beloved by many. But I also dye or overdye with acid dyes so that I can offer a wider colour range.

You can learn more here.


💙 indigo threads🧵

This might be a ‘winding tiny skeins’ afternoon while listening to something less gruesome than my last book 😳
I’m in multi tasking mode but none of it is  photogenic so here’s a lovely new euphorbia in the garden instead.
I received a big fat package from afar, packed full of hand spun handwoven indigo dyed ‘’stuff’. 

I will show you more in a couple of months!😉
Tuesday WIPS ll
Blues in the sunshine
Tuesday WIPs l
Much to do today 😳

Need a fix of calming blues? See my latest blog post for a worldwide collection of indigo heroes!

Blog is on my website ⬆️
Full of breakfast and in absolutely no hurry to go out for a walk…

#sundaymorningmotivation 🙄
Come and stitch up a (slow and gentle!) storm with us on the 25th. 

Have a wee day out in Berwick by train/bus/car/bike and join in an afternoon workshop. Boro style reds and blues or bright stitching into indigo fabrics? Choose on the day. 
Simple stitches - beginners welcome💙
Find the workshop details online⬆️


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