Tart's Art

Welcome to Tart's Art.

I'm Lindsay Roberts, trading as The Border Tart. Do have a look through the pages and see if anything catches your eye.

And come and visit if you can...

PLEASE check my blog for events I am attending, and for Open Days

I am in love with colour, texture and pattern. They are an intrinsic part of my life; I focus on them everywhere.

I’ve been ‘making things’ since childhood, hands always busy with salvaged scraps. Using simple tools - needles, scissors, carders, spinning wheel - I make my own intricate colour stories with fibres and fabrics, incorporating new techniques as I learn them and revelling in the process of experimentation.

Handwork is central to my practice. I incorporate diverse textile and book-making techniques, dependent on the quantity and type of materials available.

Textiles and paper are my favourite natural raw materials and ideas for combining them abound, ever more so since visiting India in 2012/2013...