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If it says 'closed for maintenance' it usually means I am at a fair or trying to dye enough to restock the shelves.                          

I hope you like the gallery of items made by talented knitters, crocheters and stitchers with my BLUE MOON INDIGO products - great for inspiration!

Find me at these venues in autumn 2017

Perth Festival of Yarn       10 September       Yarndale                    23/24 September     Bakewell Woolgathering 14/15 October     St Abbs @ Eyemouth          4 November

The Border Tart
I'm Lindsay Roberts. Colour, texture and pattern are a source of endless fascination and exploring them in textile and paper art is what I enjoy most.

I studied Textile Design in the Scottish Borders, then learned to spin and incorporated my yarns in woven home furnishings for some years.

More recently I enjoyed a funded residency in India, returning with a determination to explore indigo dyeing and block printing and simple kantha stitching.

This led me to investigate Islamic geometric design and I have since combined several techniques in a collection of cushions and hangings.

Purless shawl knitted by Sheena in Blue Moon yarn

What I do

I dye yarn and fibre with natural indigo. It's a challenging process and quite different to dyeing with acid dyes. You can read more about indigo here.

Primarily I dye a range of yarns for knitters and crocheters; weavers use them too. These include British wools as well as merino and other fibres from linen and silk to alpaca and yak. I dye silk hankies, wool locks, prefelt and carded fibre batts featuring a variety of British wool breeds. 

When I am not dyeing, or at a textile fair I experiment with new yarns, stitch my one-off textiles, make arty books and lampshades or otherwise wield a needle, scissors or scalpel.