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Five Mini Skeins - BuntingFive Mini Skeins - BuntingOur price: £21.00ViewA bundle of bunting!Five Mini Skeins - GoldfinchFive Mini Skeins - GoldfinchOur price: £20.00ViewThese boldly coloured finches have impressive beaks designed to reach in for teasel and thistle seeds. The RSPB describes their song as 'liquid twittering' - listen here!Five Mini Skeins - Indigo BluesFive Mini Skeins - Indigo BluesOur price: £21.00ViewFive wee skeins of BLUE MOON 4ply yarn. I have dyed these soft merino/nylon skeins with indigo to form a gradient. The pack contains 400 metres, enough to make a stunning 'one skein' shawl or other accessories. It also works well when combined with a solid colour to make a larger shawl or sweater yoke. And the yarn is suitable for socks so you could knit a pair, or 'fade' gloves or a fine hat.Five Mini Skeins - JayFive Mini Skeins - JayOur price: £18.00ViewThis striking acorn-eating crow has some less pleasant habits but I love its plumage and raucous screams as it flits through the trees. I wanted to pick up on the subtler pinky caramel shades and the flash of golden brown in my interpretation of its colouring.
Five Mini Skeins - Patchwork IndigosFive Mini Skeins - Patchwork IndigosOur price: £21.00ViewSADLY OUT OF STOCK but more on their way in MarchFive Mini Skeins - RobinFive Mini Skeins - RobinOur price: £20.00ViewRobins - forever associated with the festive season, despite their year-round cheerful voices. Cute looks belie belligerently territorial attitudes. An adult robin weighs about the same as an individual mini skein!Five Mini Skeins - SwallowFive Mini Skeins - SwallowOur price: £20.00ViewWho doesn't delight in spotting the first swallows of summer? Their aerial gymnastics and busy chatter are always a delight as they swoop around in search of insects.Five Mini Skeins - We Three KingsFive Mini Skeins - We Three KingsOur price: £20.00ViewA seasonal collection for festive knits to warm the winter days
Healing Hands DK packHealing Hands DK packOur price: £22.00ViewBack with new colour and pattern choicesLongwool MittsLongwool MittsOur price: £28.00ViewI am delighted to collaborate again with clever colourwork designer Vivienne Morgan to bring you this lovely kit in celebration of long wool breeds. The mitts feature my Sun of Jupiter Blue Faced Leicester/Masham blend in two colourways, with an image of a Blue Faced Leicester on the backs and a neat pattern reminiscent of a flock from above on the palms.Sun of Jupiter Hat KitsSun of Jupiter Hat KitsOur price: £25.00ViewA hat to accompany the wristwarmers!Sun of Jupiter Wristwarmers KitSun of Jupiter Wristwarmers KitOur price: £25.00ViewThese kits contain a full 100gm skein of Sun of Jupiter in the main shade and mini skeins of three additional shades for the simple colourwork sections. The mitts are long to keep your wrists warm, and there is enough in the pack to knit two pairs - one pair for you and one for a deserving friend. And you can match them with the Cosy Jupiter hats!
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Afternoon Tea-ers, are you gathering a dainty little sandwich or two, a favourite biscuit or slice of cake, your favourite mug or best china? Remember your knitting/stitching too. See you later online!
🪡A gentle and relaxing workshop at lovely Birkhill House on Sunday 29th. 

Join me as we stitch in the round on the softest dyed wool blanket

Sign up -
My yarn prices need to go up BUT before they do…

A Big Juicy 15% off purchases of any mix of yarns over £25

Just use this code: yestoyarn
Back to this wip tonight. And another chapter or two 🧵🪡
Sunday sample stitching for a workshop soon🪡
Listening to Victoria Hislop’s ‘The Thread’ appropriately🧵
Kitchen sink view 🌿
May 13th edition
🫖🍪☕️🧁🥪Our May 28th online Afternoon Tea is very nearly full.

Just two spaces left so if you can join us and help support the @teapottrust we’d love to share a virtual slice of cake with you! 

Please join up by 14th so we can get your treat box in the post in time😳

Sign up on the Events page - link to my website in bio.
My sweater knitting is in rest mode and has been for a while, but the dark natural does make a good backdrop for all the other shades of my lovely Islander DK🤗🧶


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