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Tideline Travel Pouch

Tideline Travel Pouch
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Tideline Travel PouchTideline Travel Pouch
Our price: £19.50

Memories of empty beaches, of watching the mesmerising ebb and flow of tides, gulls and terns flying overhead.

Shells from Scotland's rugged coastline! The seaworn shells adorning my Tideline pouches were collected on the holy island of Iona in the north west and in Galloway in the south west.

Each sturdy cotton canvas pouch is dipped and dipped again in an indigo vat, allowing the dye liquor to soak into the individual threads of the weave and create a broken edge. The shells were selected because of their ready made holes - ether neatly drilled by carnivorous sea snails or broken by rough passage across oceans. Each bag has a pair of shells attached to the bold zipper pull by a finely spun indigo dyed British wool.

At 22cm x 15cm it can safely hold vital travelling companions - everything from leads and chargers to a paperback book and a bar of chocolate, depending on your needs...

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