I'm Lindsay - The Border Tart. I'm inspired by colour (not just indigo) and pattern, I'm passionate about India, her artisans and textiles, and I value most highly all things made by hand. 

These forces combine in my own dyed yarns and small edition stitching kits. Making with your own hands brings so many imbues each piece with love. 

Lindsay seated with two lovely women at Barefoot College, Rajasthan
Tart's Tiny Tins on a patchwork of stitched indigo fabrics
Selection of the Tart's wrapping paper and cards to her own designs

The items I create give you the materials to explore and enjoy the making process!

Lindsay's indigo-dyed skeins of 4ply merino
An Indian indigo block print embellished with stitch
A selection of Indian block print cottons

My colours may be subtle or bold but they seldom shout. I like to find new ways to enhance the beauty of a fibre or a fabric, whether through dye or stitch. Thus I can give you interesting products to  create your own unique work, whether with a spinning wheel, crochet hook, knitting pins or embroidery needles.

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